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Duel Calculator Cyrus  android app icon

Duel Calculator Cyrus

  • CaLux
  • 4.33
  • Free

Cyrus is a Life Point Calculator app for Yu-Gi-Oh!. Thank you for 100,000 Download! Thank you for your reviews and comments! The next version up will be a big update. The Next Cyrus is going to enhance the customization. (Player Name, Sound...


Duel☆Calculator (for yugioh)  android app icon

Duel☆Calculator (for yugioh)

  • yusei
  • 4.32
  • Free

※This application and developer are not related © 1996 KAZUKI TAKAHASHI and ©2012 Konami Digital Entertainment . This app is Calculator of Life Point for Duel. This app can calculate two players Life-Point. Please use this a...


Duel Deck  android app icon

Duel Deck

  • LK Lab
  • 4.14
  • Free

After huge success on iPhone/iPad, finally Duel Deck lands on Android also! Everything always 100% free. This is a very simple and powerful life point calculator for card games as Yu-Gi-Oh! (R). Everything is on one page, so everything is a...


Life Point Counter - YuGiOh  android app icon

Life Point Counter - YuGiOh

  • RCB Apps & Games
  • 4.29
  • Free

The most advanced life counter / calculator for Yu-Gi-Oh! games on the android market. 100% free! Over 60000 installs! The only 4 player app available in the Google Play Store. Keep track of your lifepoints and round wins with this easy to ...


Life Points LITE for YuGiOh  android app icon

Life Points LITE for YuGiOh

  • Marcus Romanelli
  • 4.08
  • Free

It's time to duel! D-d-d-d-duel! This app is designed to make your Card Game duel even more pratical, realistic and fun, with a life points counter simulator similar to the one in the anime. With this interactive life points counter, y...


YugiDuel: YuGiOh LP Calc Free  android app icon

YugiDuel: YuGiOh LP Calc Free

  • Logick LLC
  • 4.12
  • Free

The most straight-forward YuGiOh LP app on Android! Easy interface, custom background, and 4-player support! MADE BY A YUGIOH JUDGE Keep track of Life Points with ease using the YugiDuel LP Calculator for YuGiOh. This app was designed for t...


Duel Tools Pro  android app icon

Duel Tools Pro

  • Tombox Creations
  • 4.47
  • Free

This app is designed to improve the experience of trading card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! (R). This app helps keep track of the game easier. All the tools you need for a great experience. This app offers a sequential log to aid a player backtr...


Calculator for Yugioh  android app icon

Calculator for Yugioh

  • Mugicha
  • 4.02
  • Free

This Yugioh Calculator is made to calculate the life point during the duel. It scores the life points for two people and it has very useful tools for the duel like dice, coins and basic calculator. Also this application stores the record of...


duel tool  android app icon

duel tool

  • 魔戒
  • 4.21
  • Free

This app and developers are ©Kazuki Takahashi studio Dice / Shueisha production / KONAMI there is no relationship at all. Thank you for 100,000 downloads. This app is YuGiOh OCG Calculator. limited functionality to the necessary minimu...


Life Points Calculator  android app icon

Life Points Calculator

  • CC Apps
  • 3.82
  • Free

Life Points Calculator is a useful application for trading card games players. This application allows players to keep track of match history and current points, handle life points variations due to battles, customize the name, throw a die ...


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