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Sleep Fan  android app icon

Sleep Fan

  • Yappy, LLC
  • 3.79
  • Free

Many people use the sound of a fan to aid in sleep, to drown out background noise or to provide a focal point for meditation. Sleep Fan provides four different types of fans with adjustable volume and a built in timer. The audio loops are s...


Portable Fan  android app icon

Portable Fan

  • Holy Coder
  • 2.89
  • Free

PS: This app is just a joke, you won't get actually wind from it, ok? It is physically impossible to make an app like that. Our goal is to provide you a good sleep with the best sleeping sound in the world: A nice table fan! ;) Getting...


Pocket Fan Free  android app icon

Pocket Fan Free

  • Joel Agalsoff
  • 3.04
  • Free

This is an image of a fan that starts rotating when you press the power button. If you press power again, it will stop rotating. It also plays fan sounds, assuming you didn't turn your volume all the way down. ** This app will NOT actu...


Electric fan  android app icon

Electric fan

  • Lee Nu-Ri
  • 3.53
  • Free

Do you want hot summer is refreshing? This has been a very cool fan Any fan of all that you can feel the cool I will appreciate it if just used for fun by. Nu-Ri Lee...


Fan Pocket Fan  android app icon

Fan Pocket Fan

  • Nodes
  • 2.95
  • Free

Virtual Fan, Pocket Fan, Cooling Fan -Virtual Air Cooling- Get a cool feeling! Enjoy the air blowing from this fan through your head (sort of)! This fan app offers a simulated, virtual fan with 3-speed fan technology. It features fan depict...


Sleeping Fan  android app icon

Sleeping Fan

  • AppSavvy Inc.
  • 3.09
  • Free

This app provides four different types of fans with adjustable volume and a timer. The sounds are peaceful. Sleeping Fan will help you relax and get a good sleep time - and its all free....


Bed Time Fan White Noise Sound  android app icon

Bed Time Fan White Noise Sound

  • ellisapps Inc.
  • 4.33
  • Free

Get to sleep in 20 minutes or less with this white noise fan app with Bed Time Fan™ High quality deep sleep and fall asleep faster with this fan sounds app! √ Highest Quality Sleep √ Highest Quality Fan Sounds / White Nois...


Sleeping Fan Sounds  android app icon

Sleeping Fan Sounds

  • DaniPani Apps
  • 3.88
  • Free

Do you experience trouble sleeping or relaxing due to an overactive mind, noise or stress? Sleeping fan is a complete solution for you. A fan produces a calming noise similar to white noise. White noise also masks ear ringing and you feel c...


White Noise Free  android app icon

White Noise Free

  • 4.35
  • Free

Recommended as a miracle for better sleep! Features ambient sounds of the environment that will help you relax during the day and sleep great at night. Download White Noise Lite for FREE Do you have trouble going to sleep? Are you traveling...


Pocket Fan Simulator  android app icon

Pocket Fan Simulator

  • Baby Apps And Games
  • 2.55
  • Free

Pocket Fan Simulator This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true pocket fan. Pocket Fan Simulator - a game simulator joke, where you can play on your phone as a hand-fan! Note the application only sim fan ...


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