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10 Kirkland Signature Choice Apk Android Apps

Kirkland Signature Navigator  android app icon

The Phone Clip+ supplied by Costco Hearing Aid Center is REQUIRED to use this app. Other required devices: Costco-supplied wireless-enabled hearing aids. Please go to App Support for more information. Kirkland Signature Navigator offers rem...


Pedometer Plus  android app icon

Pedometer Plus

  • JcsmSoft
  • 3.75
  • Free

Pedometer Plus is the definitive application to measure the exercise and many more. ✔ Records the distance, number of steps, calories, current speed, time... ✔ No need to activate GPS (optional if you want to view your route lat...


Ear Spy: Super Hearing  android app icon

Ear Spy: Super Hearing

  • Overpass Apps : Super-Human Apps and Games
  • 3.57
  • Free

Ear Spy attempts to improve your hearing with the power of Android. Depending on how good your phone is, it can become a high-powered listening device (like a hearing aid or a super Spy App). It is the Ultimate Eavesdropping Tool -- the lat...


Beltone SmartRemote  android app icon

Beltone SmartRemote

  • Beltone
  • 3.73
  • Free

Beltone Direct Phone Link 2 (released Dec 2012) is REQUIRED to use this app. Other required devices: Beltone wireless-enabled hearing aids: Beltone Promise or Beltone True. Please visit our webpage for more information. Full control of your...


Menstrual Calendar  android app icon

Menstrual Calendar

  • indhay
  • 3.84
  • Free

Free! Menstrual calendar is the best and the simplest application for the women who would like to have a Period, and ovulation tracker. Features: - Pregnancy Mode (New) - Smartforecast for Periods, fertile days and ovulation, - Password pro...


Get Pregnant  android app icon

Get Pregnant

  • W3masters
  • 3.72
  • Free

If you're trying to conceive it can sometimes take a while before you are pregnant. To increase the chance of becoming pregnant you can try to determine your fertile period. Having intercourse in the fertile period can considerably inc...


Petralex Hearing aid  android app icon

Petralex Hearing aid

  • IT ForYou
  • 3.95
  • Free

Petralex® is a hearing aid application based on your Android phone or tablet device, running same principles as conventional wearable hearing aid. Auto-adjusting to your personalized hearing profile, completely invisible to anyone - use...


Tinnitus Balance  android app icon

Tinnitus Balance

  • Phonak
  • 3.71
  • Free

Tinnitus is a condition that affects 10-15% of the adult population. There is a strong link between tinnitus and hearing loss. One in five people who live with tinnitus also experience hearing loss. Whilst there is no proven cure for tinnit...


miniTek Remote  android app icon

miniTek Remote

  • Sivantos Pte. Ltd.
  • 3.61
  • Free

With this convenient remote app gone are the days of multi-tasking electronic gadgets with your hearing instruments. When used in combination with the Siemens miniTek, the Remote App easily and seamlessly allows you to control your hearing ...


ReSound Control  android app icon

ReSound Control

  • GN Resound
  • 3.66
  • Free

ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ (released Dec 2012) is REQUIRED to use this app. Other required devices: ReSound wireless-enabled hearing aids. Please go to App Support for more information. ReSound Control is smart control of your hearing aids W...


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