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Sycret Voice  android app icon

Sycret Voice

  • GOTrust Technology Inc.
  • 4.42
  • Free

The only certified military strength hardware encryption solution to keep all your Android communication and privacy secure. Sycret Voice features encrypted voice communication and text messaging service. All encryption and decryption take ...


Secret voice recorder  android app icon

Secret voice recorder

  • DigiPeopleApps
  • 4.05
  • Free

In out daily life everyone of us will come across a situation where we want to spy on someone or record others voice without their knowledge. Secret voice recorder is used to record audio secretly and spy on others.Moreover its free app spo...


Secret voice commands  android app icon

Secret voice commands

  • hacko
  • 5
  • Free

VoiceWalker - secret voice commands Walk through different levels of the maze by voice control (supported in English and German). Find the right secret voice commands in each level and solve the puzzle how to cross or pass the walls in orde...


Legendary Voice Recorder Lite  android app icon

Legendary Voice Recorder Lite

  • Smart-Apps
  • 3.86
  • Free

[Add News] If MicroSD Card was disabled, please send your MicroSD Card path to E-mail. then I will update for you. Ex) Samsung MicroSD Card ( /mnt/sdcard/external_sd ) Use Sound BlackBox, Secret Voice Recorder, ETC... This application is ve...


Folder Lock  android app icon

Folder Lock

  • 4.16
  • Free

Folder Lock® lets you password-protect your personal files, photos, videos, documents, contacts, wallet cards, notes and audio recordings in Android Phones. The app comes with a clean and pleasant interface. You can also transfer files ...


Secret Voice Recorder PRO  android app icon

Secret Voice Recorder PRO

  • form follows function apps
  • 3.85
  • Free

Secretly record your meetings or your phone calls while your phone is blocked or using another app. The app records the audio in background, not interfering with other apps , recording your voice and the voices of everyone near you (keep in...


Backward Talk  android app icon

Backward Talk

  • Vital
  • 4.86
  • Free

Share secret voice notes with your friends. No one can hear them. To decrypt the voice note upload it to the app and have fun with it....


Secreto - Hidden decoy phone  android app icon

Secreto - Hidden decoy phone

  • Rachel Holding Limitada
  • 3.65
  • Free

The SECRETO app is the easiest way to keep your private life hidden, with safety and privacy. Your conversations, videos, photos and chat will be invisible and only you will have access to it. Hide all inside your own phone and keep your re...


HVR - Hidden Voice Recorder  android app icon

HVR - Hidden Voice Recorder

  • 4.3
  • Free

Hidden Voice Recorder allow you to keep watch on your children's, friends and colleagues, and listen what activity they are doing in day. ★ Hidden Voice Recorder Features ★ ✔ Start stop recording in background remotel...


Hi-Quality Voice Recorder MP3  android app icon

Hi-Quality Voice Recorder MP3

  • SoomSoft
  • 4.13
  • Free

DaRecorder is a pretty and easy-to-use multipurpose recorder made for recording in various environments. DaRecorder is suitable for recording a variety of sounds such as personal voice, meeting, lecture, sermon, rendition, concert and music...


Free Download Sycret Voice Android app APK for Samsung Note, Sony Xperia, HTC One, Moto G, Moto X, Blackberry, Micromax, Karbonn, Lenovo, Xolo, HTC Desire and many other Android Kitkat, lollipop and Marshmallow phones.